Done and Done, But Wait…

It’s been a while since we last posted on our blog. Life can really give you the run around when trying to find balance. It seems like the more we try to balance “it all” the more we lose “it all.” During this Thanksgiving break Guy and I are sitting by a fire in a quiet little campground reflecting on what we have done and all we have yet to do. What’s wrong with this picture is that we are continually thinking about work. What’s right is that we are reflecting while playing that balancing act. Fire, fur babies, cold drinks, and good company, this is happiness. We often forget the power of reflection, and discussing our everyday life accomplishments, failures, and future goals. Reflection is necessary to keep harmony within ourselves and ultimately with the world around us. As you are hanging out with family and friends this weekend take the time to reflect on where you’ve been and set goals for where you want to go next. Goals can be as small as getting up earlier, helping your partner out more in the house, going back to school, or moving jobs. Reflect, reset, and refocus to achieve and maintain balanced mental health.

How do you use reflection to help guide you? The Kalm Effect enjoys hearing your feedback and comments.

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