Lifestyle and Behavior, Not Life Coach!

Entrepreneur Life Pt. 2

This week I have been incredibly busy doing research into hard facts about the coaching industry. I have discovered I very much dislike the term “Life Coach” and let me tell you why…

EVERYONE thinks they are life coaches now, these people are what I like to say are, knowledgeable of some but masters of none. I’m here to ensure people understand the difference between the “road tripper” and professionally trained coaches. Don’t get me wrong, there are a TON of specialities in the field of coaching. A person can choose financial, business, health, wellness, and the list goes on. However, how qualified are these individuals to actually coach you? I have found throughout this journey that traveling across the country and living free “Willy Nilly” is what many who claim to be coaches are doing to qualify themselves. I assure you, although these individuals may have some interesting experiences living freely and finding themselves on their personal journey, it certainly does not qualify them to be credible coaches (I’m certain this comment is going to touch someone's feelings, sorry… but not sorry). Although there are no specific laws requiring individuals to have a specific educational background in “Life Coaching” there are things you should be cautious of when choosing a coach if you want to receive the most beneficial return on your investment.

I personally have a Doctorate in Psychology, Health and Wellness, Human Services. In addition, I have attended additional coach training to advance my skills set and stay on top of current research and strategies. You do not have to have a doctoral degree to be a coach however, when choosing a coach I would strongly suggest you ask questions about educational background and/or training in the specified area you are seeking coaching. If the individual comes back with “social media warrior” or “road tripper” I would proceed with caution.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that 85% of coaches are accredited or approved by a professional coaching organization (2020 ICF Global Coaching Study). There are highly qualified and amazing coaches out there, KNOW who you are hiring friends!

I leave you with this thought…

What prevents you from doing things differently? What's getting in the way?

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