No Excuses, Just Results!

No Excuses, Just Results… this is a mantra Torrie and I used with our children as they were growing up. We have always been there to assist and advise them even at a young age to set goals and work towards achieving them. We never sugar coated anything with our children. No matter what the circumstance, whether academics, athletics, or just life; when they would come to us we would assist with self-reflection and always discuss sustains and improves for each situation focusing on goal setting and ways for improvement based on their needs at that time

During these challenging times we are facing right now don’t lose sight of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. This too shall pass and “normal” will begin again, where will your mindset be. Daniel Goleman, a world-renowned expert of Emotional Intelligence stated, “Peak performance is not possible without building habits of rest, renewal, and self-care into your life.” Use this time to reset, refocus, and regain momentum rather than stress about the current situation. By turning the negative situation into a positive you may surprise yourself with the change in your mindset and how this affects your perception of our current situation.

As always The Kalm Effect Team is here to assist in whatever your needs may be, developing personalized easy to follow programs for goals setting, problem solving, mindset, and personal or professional development.

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