The Struggle is REAL...

I recently read an article from an old advisor who discussed rejection, specifically when it comes to employment. The article resonated with me, prompting me to reflect on my career journey. Over the last five years I have attempted to change career fields numerous times. Full disclosure, I have applied and been rejected about fifty or more times. I have either been told my last fifteen years of managing and working with hundreds of children, parents, and communities, earning three degrees, to include a doctoral degree, does not make me what “they” want. I’m either over qualified, under qualified, or simply do make it past the electronic screeners. This journey has been long and left me with the feeling of being defeated, however, one thing I refuse to do is sit back an allow others to determine my worth. As a teen mom and military spouse who fought through many of life’s challenges, I pulled myself back up after each rejection, learned from it, and marched on. It has been a long journey through these challenges and I have asked myself the question of why does everyone else get to make the decisions of my value. It was through this reflection I chose to develop my own business where I can assist others in understanding their value. I have also made it my mission to assist leadership in understanding the significance in selecting employees using emotional intelligence rather than solely intellect.

We have all experienced rejection, how did you deal with this? Share with us what has kept you moving towards your career goals, or life goals. We look forward to reading your comments.

If you’d like to read the article written by S. Vernon click the link below.

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