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How we can assist you 

Developing on a Professional and Personal Level

Leadership Coaching:

The Kalm Effect works with driven leaders who want to create a vibrant and engaging environment for both their employees and clients. 

Personal Development: 

We are passionate about helping people who want to make lifestyle and behavioral changes to discover their highest potential by gaining renewed independence, confidence and positive mindset through an engaging self-discovery process.

Passion for Inspiring Others

The Kalm Effect is committed to helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.  As a military spouse, mother, small business owner, and educator for many years I’ve had the privilege to work with a diverse group of individuals. Challenges confront us daily in a number ways and how individuals react and address these challenges can make a world of difference in our overall wellbeing.   With the ever-changing world we live in it is more important than ever to understand our emotions, actions and feelings on a much deeper level in order to develop a work/ life balance. 

  • Wellness Coaching

    •   Stress management

    •   Communication

    •   Time management

    •   Personal organization

    •   Emotional and mental health

    •   Lifestyle changes for better wellbeing

  • Design and Enhance Work and Quality of Work/ Life Strategies

  • Extensive Knowledge and Practice of Emotional Intelligence





Dr. Kalm is the best! Very professional and very personable. I felt like we’ve know each other for years. She has helped me accomplish so much! It’s been years since I’ve been able to think with such clarity.  


I always know that my time with Dr. Kalm is as important to her, as it is to me, and she truly has my best interests in her thoughts.  When I struggle with strategies that she is helping me to learn, she is always there to support me when I need it.  I would strongly recommend working with Dr. Kalm and The Kalm Effect Team! 


Dr. Kalm has helped me tremendously with some difficulties I have had in my life.  Through some very tough times in my personal life, she has helped me to create healthier habits to promote positivity in my life.  These minor changes have helped me to overcome some milestones that have changed my life dramatically in beneficial ways.

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