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Strategic Leadership and Project Management: Assisting Leaders in Making Positive Changes

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The Kalm Effect specializes in working with professionals seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence, fostering an inclusive and empowering atmosphere that promotes heightened collaboration and fosters creativity within teams.


The team

I am Dr. Torrie Kalm, PsyD, a holder of a Doctorate of Psychology in Health, Human Services, and Science. Over the course of 29 years, I have been a military spouse, a devoted mother, an educator, and an entrepreneur, successfully balancing the responsibilities of raising two exceptional children while pursuing my own aspirations. Throughout my life journey, I have encountered numerous challenges; however, I have always maintained an unwavering belief in my ability to achieve my goals, regardless of the hardships I faced.

During my doctoral research, I developed a profound interest in the realm of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its profound relevance in organizational psychology. Delving into the distinctions between EI and IQ provided me with a completely new perspective on how organizations across various industries could greatly benefit from the application of EI principles. Furthermore, I recognized the transformative power of understanding Emotional Intelligence on a personal level, as it significantly impacts daily interactions and ultimately enhances overall life quality.

Armed with this profound insight, I have made it my personal mission to inspire and assist others in realizing their goals and dreams.


I am SGM(R) Guy Kalm II, a seasoned special operations soldier with a distinguished career spanning over 29 years, during which I have consistently exhibited exceptional leadership skills at the strategic level within the military industry. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Counter Terrorism Studies from Troy University, and I am a Certified Program Director.

Throughout my career, I have had the honor of working alongside influential military leaders, as well as experiencing the challenges posed by subpar leadership. These collective experiences have profoundly shaped my leadership style, prompting me to delve deeper into the essential components that inspire and motivate individuals to achieve shared objectives. Recognizing the significance of emotional intelligence, I have leveraged this understanding to foster my personal growth as a leader and develop strategies for mentoring and empowering the upcoming generation of leaders.

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