Change or Not to Change, That is the Question

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Change is scary, it's hard, and sometimes our fear is so intense we quit. Starting our own business is very scary but we had to continually reflect back on why we wanted this. When our first client scheduled their appointment my heart rate went up, I questioned all the "why's" for doing this. It was this self-awareness that was necessary for me to move forward with confidence knowing that my passion and love for helping people achieve their dreams and goals would be evident in my work.

How often do we know change is needed but not fully self-aware and lack the clarity of where we want to go? I know this happens more than many of us care to admit. If you are struggling with clarity, purpose, and direction comment below and let us know what obstacles you feel are keeping you from achieving your goals.

Take a peak at the slide share of Self-Reflection from Daniel Goleman, it was very insightful.

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