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I am often asked why EI? What is my obsession with this concept, how could it possibly be more effective than education levels when considering life and leadership?  Guy and I both have worked with numerous leaders with varying styles of leading.  If you reflect on the ones who stand out to you it is either the really awful leaders or the most amazing ones. Why is that? The worst leaders are the ones who you made you feel like you are simply a machine trying to make it through the day, dreading coming back the next day to do it again.  You feel like you’re going no where fast.  When reflecting on your amazing leaders you most likely are recalling a leader who inspired you, someone who made you feel like you were an important part of the organization, you want to get up and come to work.  These leaders most likely have a higher EI.   In a recent Forbes article written by Roger Trapp indicated in a study of more than 500 UK employees with people management responsibilities, trustworthiness, flexibility, confidence and resilience were all identified as being more critical than experience or education levels. It was also noted by Trapp, "... most people managers think that the highest performing members of their team display a high EQ and feel that Emotional Intelligence is most valuable when leading a team through change.” 

These leaders recognize the importance of fostering emotional intelligence in the work place.  The article went on to suggest upper levels of leadership had much higher success rates when attempting to outperform their rivals in trying times by using a whole-brain approach. When making decisions about movement within an organization more leaders must start considering EI rather than solely IQ, this will provide teams with a much more well rounded organization in addition the ability to flourish in every situation. 

Do you see the need for emotional Intelligence training in your organization? Comment below and let us know how this type of training could assist your organizational needs.  

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Managers At Last See Value In Emotional Intelligence

Roger Trapp -

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