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Positive Effects of Using EI

Dr. Torrie Kalm, PsyD

August 2023

Have you ever wondered why I'm so passionate about Emotional Intelligence (EI)? Why I believe it holds more power than just education levels in shaping both our lives and leadership skills? Guy and I have had the privilege of working closely with various leaders, and witnessing their unique styles. As you reflect on these leaders in your own careers, think about who stood out the most. It's often the truly terrible ones or the absolutely incredible ones, right?

Think about those awful leaders who made you feel like a mere cog in the machine, dragging through each day and dreading the next. They made progress seem like a distant dream. On the flip side, the remarkable leaders, the ones who inspired you and made you feel valued, they likely possessed higher Emotional Intelligence.

A recent Forbes article, by Roger Trapp, shed light on a study of over 500 UK employees. It revealed that traits like trustworthiness, flexibility, confidence, and resilience, along with Emotional Intelligence, outweighed experience and education levels in effective leadership.

These leaders understood the impact of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. It’s the secret sauce that propels teams through change and difficult times, as noted by Trapp. Top-tier leaders, who employ a whole-brain approach, fare better in challenging situations, surpassing competitors.

So, here's the thing: we believe in cultivating Emotional Intelligence, not just IQ, for a more balanced and thriving organization. Can you see the value of Emotional Intelligence training in your organization? Drop a comment below and let's discuss how this training could elevate your team's potential. Your thoughts matter to us.

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